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We are the changemakers in Educational Sector in India.

We share the frame with the leading executors of the prestigious National Skill Development Program. We have been recognized as India's Best Vocational Training Institute* with the experience of having trained and placed students for the past 22 years. We offer employability programs to unemployed rural youth, poor urban youth, women including adolescent girls and youth from socially disadvantaged groups and creates corporate ready workforce. We bridge the gap between millions of jobs opportunities across multiple sectors and the skills of the available workforce.

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Already shaped thousands of careers and changed perception on Skill Education.

India is one of the youngest nations in the world with more than 62% of its population in the working age group (15-59 years), and more than 54% of its total population below 25 years of age. This presents an intimidating opportunity as well as a huge challenge. Every year, out of 15 million youth entering the job-market, over 75% are not job-ready. This difference is due to lack of technical and soft skills. Scarcity of highly trained workforce, as well as non-employability of large sections of the conventionally educated youth, who possess limited job skills are the dual challenges to be addressed to reap the demographic dividend.


We share the national vision of “Skilled India” with Government of India.

We are supporting the Government of India in its ‘Skill India’ agenda through its efforts towards addressing the aforementioned challenges. It has formed a bond of partnership with National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) to enhance the skills of millions of youth across the country and empower them with livelihood linked skilling programs. It aims to build an inclusive, enabled and skilled society by skilling youth and providing employment in identified core sectors like Apparel, Automobile, BFSI, Beauty & Wellness, Hospitality, Health Care, Construction, Retail, Solar, Telecom, Tourism & Hospitality etc.

Chairman's Note

"While practising as a Chartered Accountant, I realized how small firms faced challenges of getting trained manpower. Even in a city like Kolkata, I found plenty of young graduates struggling to land a job. It sank in to me that Education should not be just knowledge but application of knowledge. How well to apply the knowledge is Skill. With the motto of skilling Indian youth and develop trained manpower, I founded ICA in year 1999. With a focus on application oriented courses on subjects ranging from Accounts, Finance and Taxation to computers and Digital Marketing , I take great pride in saying that we have successfully made a difference in lives of 5,00,000+ youth."

Dr. Narendra Kumar Shyamsukha



With our presence in 100+ cities and Union Territories we cover most of the states and majority of the districts of the country and a substantial presence in non-urban areas across India, we take pride in contributing to India's skill building initiatives- sometimes independently and sometimes as a partner with institutions and governments.










Dr. Narendra Kumar Shyamsukha


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Mr. Deepak Pramanik


Mr. Tirthankar Sanyal

Masters of Mass Communication, Masters in English Literature

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