• 70% Practical Learning

    “Theoretical Reading is nothing without Practical Training” --- Mantra of ICA Training & Academics Team.

  • Activity-oriented session

    "You can’t drive a cycle if you’re not sitting on it.” Activities are the best Teachers, People are just Guides to tell how-to.

  • Faculty Development Program

    “Trees can’t grow without daily supplements.” Trainers also need Training, we understand and acknowledge this fact.

Best Practices

  • Domain Specific Master Trainers

    Individual MT for Individual Sectors (based on Sectors Span)

  • Daily monitoring classroom activities

    Randomly done by MTs for own Job Role trainers in Centers

  • SSC organized ToT (Training of Trainers)

    Extensive 7-10 days Training, Assessment & Certification by SSC

  • Internal ToT (Quarterly by MTs)

    Orientation, Induction & Process Training by MTs for all Trainers of the particular Job Role. Assessment & Internal Certification for all participants.

  • Monthly Updates on Content & Training Resources

    Session Plan/ACLP, Trainer’s Guide, Participant’s Guide, PPTs, Domain-specific Infographics, Question Banks, Internal Assessments.

Video Stories